The Social Navigator Internet project. A chance to go through real situations in the virtual world!

  • WWW-Site with interactive opportunities
  • The pedagogical, sociological, psychological and educational information
  • Online club for students, parents and teachers
  • Virtual situations and simulators

The Internet opens the door to many opportunities for interaction — both recreational and also of a more serious sort, which can help young people get orientated in life, figure out what they want to do with their future, and discuss important things with people of their own age, as well as with adults.

The project is designed to give adolescents skills that will enable them to choose the best route through life, after acquiring some initial experience in a specialized environment, on the site, or in the forum, interacting with specialists and with each other

Project goal: To use ICT to create conditions for children to make the best choice in various life situations

The project site offers each student the chance to choose his own route, traveling through a virtual network, encountering typical real-life situations, trying to make decisions, making mistakes and learning to correct them

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